Terms and Policies

About this blog: 

  • The Tea Side Of life blog and social channels are meant to be a place for reviews, community, and sharing knowledge about tea. I want my passion and love of tea to be a source of learning and discovery for you! 
  • Under no circumstance will I ever accept any discriminatory comments. It is not who I am. 
  • When reviewing teas, I will be discussing aromas and what I am tasting. For example, tea may have notes of honey or have some confectionary properties such as tasting like chocolate. Note that I am purely stating these based on my sense of taste or smell and that yours may be different. I do not ever guarantee that you will have the same experience as me; we are all different! I do not make any promises or guarantees of my reviews. 
  • This blog and social channels cannot be held liable for the use of the content or accuracy of information. The use of content is at the sole discretion of the reader. 


The integrity of The Tea Side Of Life is crucial to me. Tea has a significant impact on my life, and I do not want anything to come between that. I am committed to transparency. Below are a few points about reviews on my blog.

  • All reviews on The Tea Side Of Life are my honest opinion, whether I enjoy the tea or not. All teas I review will be given a fair chance, but I reserve the right to provide my unbiased opinion. 
  • For transparency, any reviews will have a disclosure when the tea or tea-related product was exchanged for review from a vendor or purchased by me. 
  • Tea sent from a company does not guarantee a review on The Tea Side Of Life blog. 
  • Although I will strive to review your tea and publish promptly, please note that reviews may take days or weeks, depending on the volume I have at that time. Companies may inquire about the tentative date of the post about your tea, and I will do my best to provide a timeframe. 
  • Reviews are not the opinions of the organizations. I will not accept format suggestions from companies whose tea I am reviewing.
  • My blog will feature teas, teaware, and other tea-related products that either I purchase or receive in exchange for a review. Vendors do not monetarily compensate me for reviews; they will always be my honest opinion. 
  • If a tea you read a review about peeks, your interest, great! If you decide to purchase a specific brand or tea type based on my assessment, awesome. Please be aware that you are responsible for making sure the tea fits you based on the review, including that you can consume it. I review tea; I am not a medical professional. I will not ever provide medically-based advice on what tea you can or cannot consume. I can offer recommendations based on my experience and expertise. You are responsible for making the best decision on what tea to have based on your body.

I reserve the right to change or update content on my blog at any time, as well as how I manage or run it without notice.