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About My Tea Life

My name is Ryan, and to put it best… I am a tea nerd. I’m excited to have you here! My true love for tea started four years ago when I gave up drinking coffee. It felt like a large life decision at the time. I had always enjoyed tea, but after giving up coffee, I needed something to make sure I had caffeine during the day to keep me going.

One night at a social gathering, friends of mine gifted me my first metal teapot. That teapot was the turning point for me. I started making loose leaf tea, and it is there I formed a powerful connection that has grown into something I could never have expected. Tea has an incredible impact on my life. What once was a way to replace coffee for caffeine has grown into a passion. I could not have imagined tea having the role in my life that it does today.

Check-in weekly for tea tastings and reviews! My favorite teas are pure leaves, which will be the focus, but we will splash blends and other tea-based beverages as well. We will also go on adventures to tea houses, talk about tea culture, teaware, festivals and honey! My story and journey with tea are just getting started. I can’t wait to see all of the beautiful places it will take me, the continued impact it will have on my life, and to share that with you!

Let’s Work Together! 

I would love to chat with you about partnering up with your brand to review tea. Please check out my Terms and Policies page for more information before sending any requests.

You can contact me at theteasideoflife19@gmail.com.

You can also feel free to send me a Direct Message on Instagram @theteasideoflife.