Ku Cha, House Of Tea, Denver, Colorado

Ku Cha, House Of Tea
Ku Cha, House Of Tea

For any tea lover, you enter into a blissful state when you walk into Ku Cha. My wife and I visited their Cherry Creek and Boulder locations. When you walk in, you are greeted with beautiful decoration and walls filled with countless tea varieties. This tea house carries mostly Chinese-based teas, but there were also Japanese teas, herbal blends, Yerba Mate, as well as others. There is a small section of new teas where you can purchase samples and read descriptions. This can excite the palette of any tea shopper!

Ku Cha also has a range of other products including awesome tea pets, canisters, ceramics, and lots more. One of my favorite parts is that they support local artists by selling their tea pottery! They have a highly trained staff, making the experience way better for me. I could ask questions about all of the teas and they knew the type of detail I enjoy.

Ku Cha comes with a tea bar where you can order individual teas hot and cold, or various specialty tea drinks. On day one I indulged with a spicy oat milk chai bubble tea, which was delightful. On the second visit, I ordered an iced Gyokuro, which was perfect for the super-hot day in Boulder! They also sell a variety of their teas canned if you prefer something for grab and go.

If you are in Denver, Ku Cha should be on your list. They have multiple locations open, which makes it an easy stop on any itinerary. For any beginner or advanced tea lover, the experience is sure to deliver. You can find out more about them here before you visit.

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