Turmeric Chai By Bellocq Tea Atelier Review

Canyon Chai dry
Canyon Chai Herbal Blend

I picked up this turmeric chai in Los Angeles a while back at a little sweets shop, which also had tea! As far as tea blends go, this one really hits the unique nerves. What attracted me to it right away was the yellow color. I wasn’t sure if I could like this. I had had turmeric in beverages before, but never in tea, so there was some skepticism.

A few days later, I was finally able to try a cup, and let me tell you, this herbal blend has some surprises. Over time, it has grown on me as I have focused on some of the ingredients. If turmeric is a bit too strong for you, this may be a tea you want to pass on.


This turmeric chai has unique written all over it. Ingredients include turmeric, smoked black pepper, ginger, fennel seed, cinnamon, clove, and cardamon. You can see it is loaded. I get some sweetness in the aroma. The clove jumps out in front and combines with a bit of zing from the ginger. You can check out my article on chai and why I think a tea like this stands out more.

Canyon Chai golden liquor
A Unique Liquor


The magic happens when you actually get to taste this herbal blend. It has a golden yellow color that you expect. The turmeric adds an earthiness and body to the liquor. There is a hint of zing from the ginger towards the end of the sip, but the smoked black pepper is the twist here! It is so subtle when you are drinking. For me, I would be sipping along and wonder what the mystery ingredient was. It gives off a very light campfire vibe, which makes it so attractive. If you are looking for an introduction to a unique chai blend, this is an excellent place to start.

Preparation: Boiled water to about 200 degrees and a metal tea strainer for the loose herbal blend. Steeped for three minutes and added some honey.

You can find out more details about this tea on Bellocq’s website!

(This tea was purchased by me)

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